Bobbie Edwards, MS, BCBA    For more than 15 years, in various roles of leadership, I have contributed to the progress of clients in home, school, and community settings. My professional experience in diverse settings, has allowed me to develop a problem-solving, evidenced-based repertoire that addresses client and family needs, first, while respecting each family as a primary collaborator.  Each family is considered unique, as a supportive, professional relationship is established based on the values of: mutual respect, creativity, leadership, and professionalism. 

I specialize in serving clients with Autism, IDD, ADHD, ED/BD and Behavior problems.  My clinical strengths are: Conducting Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and developing Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) resulting in problem behavior reduction; Designing and implementing language acquisition programs; Developing programs determined by client interest (i.e., incidental methodology); Determining behavioral causes of educational deficits and developing academic and behavioral supports so that clients succeed; Team-based approach to training and supervision; Dissemination of behavior analytic principles to teachers, parents, and professionals. 

What is ABA?  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidenced-based discipline, which evaluates and analyzes individual behavior-environment relations in order to bring about desirable behavior change. At Many : One,  Early-Childhood Intervention, problem behavior reduction, academic and ADL support programs, are designed collaboratively with the client's family and team of professionals. All programs are language-based, emphasize creativity,  and consider how behaviors are typically learned within the framework of SMILES

Education: Two MS graduate degrees from the University of North Texas (2001, 2006). My first MS, was interdisciplinary with an emphasis in Counseling, Rehabilitation, and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). After completing initial coursework in ABA, I completed a 2nd MS exclusively in ABA. I became a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) in 2005. 


Clinical Services:

BCBA Supervision and Consultation 

Direct-care services